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Occupation/s: Retired from the Book Publishing Industry.
Children: Twin daughters Sarah & Laura born March 14 1982


Life Journey:

I had an amazing career with the Hearst Publishing Company for 28 years & represented them on the West Coast. I Worked with some of the best writtiers known today. As the publishing industry changed over the years procedures & staff cuts were made. I was able to hold on for a long period BUT it did all come to an end. My work history took me to the Ralphs Corp. office to assist the buyer of Books & Magazines. Big success for 7 years until Kroger bought Ralphs. My passion for books took me to Scholastic Books working with various schools building reading programs to get kids and famlies excited about home reading. After 12 years I was ready to retire!!. Very rewarding career and I can say I enjoyed my work. These days I am crocheting up a storm making items for those in assisted living homes along with a super team of ladies. I am very active with Saddleback Church where there is plenty to fill the time of the day. I enjoy my rose garden and busy at building a small English style garden. I enjoy watching my twin girls grow into fine ladies and feel so blessed to have them in my life. Love my dog Romeo who is my pal. We take walks in Laguna Beach and around the Laguna Woods neighborhood. Life is good. My snow skiing and water skiing days are but a memory BUT I still like Rock 'N Roll!!! Looking forward to connecting with fellow Rebels soon.

Most Memorable Moment at School:

I will never forget the day President Kennedy was shot. I was in my history class and we all seemed to move slow attempting to process what had just happened. It really had an effect on my family & friends. We were glued to the TV set gathering information and also the funeral it self. It became a point of conversation and had a lasting effect.

Favorite 60's Entertainment:

The Golden Bear in Huntington Beach was a small venue for some wonderful music. Retail Clerks to catch Dick Dale which was the very best.
The 60's was a super fun time for music and dancing.
I danced around the house with my sister and brother many afternoons. We played the music loud until Dad comes home. Then slience until the next day when it would start all over again.

Summer of 1965:

Shortly after graduating my best friend Nancy and I flew, for the first time, to attend the Monteray Jazz Festival. We met up with a gentelman who was working for Look Magazine. Due to fog we had to fly into San Fran. so this guy rented a car & we went with him. Sure would not do anything like that today. None the less we took off & had a super good time. No issues at all. The Jazz Festival is a memorable historical event. The list of talent I caught in those two days can not be topped. Some have past on but not in my mind. To this very day I have the program from the Festival. It is a treasure on many levels.

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Aug 20, 2016 at 2:41 PM

Hello John - It has been crazy around my place. Went to Maui to celebrate Mom's 90th with family for a week. Had cataract surgery,("I can see clearly now, the rain has gone") and next day my daughter went to ER with bad stomach pain. Soo the old gall bladder came out. Boy is she cranky!!! BUT there is a rainbow about to appear with reservation made for a trip to Pimo Beach. Love that place. My section here in the Village wil be painted in a few week & my Romeo will be a barken plenty. Been busy crocheting wine gift bags & if I say myself they are pretty darn cool. What is going on in the world of writting? What topics interests you at the moment? Hugs all around. Virg

Jun 22, 2016 at 9:30 AM

Sounds like you are held together with some wonderful band aids. Also your humor is in tack and this is a good thing. Life can be a bumpy ride for sure. Hang in there. :)

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50th Reunion Beach Party Blast
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We went to prom together!!

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I am beyond sad to learn of Donna's passing.  Darn it all!!  There were about  5 of us that ran around together and had some really good laughs together.  She had a car & we would put our change together for gas.  50 cent got us most places.   She was responsible, generally, & kept us grounded.  Like I say, generally.  With fondness & wonderful memories that I have & will always treasure I say goodbye till we meet on the other side my friend.  Blessings all around.   Virginia Pooley (Borgatta)



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Nancy and I were best friends.   We stayed in touch when she and her husband moved to Idaho. We would talk on the phone every week.  My father lived in Idaho not far from her so I would visit her also.

We shared many firsts together and discussed family issues, our faith, and so much more.  She had such a fun wit about her.  Made me laugh.   I can not tell you how much I miss her.  Good friends do not come around much and she was so special to me.   I could count on her for ANYTHING.

She had a brain tumor that was not operable.   She delt with this for a short time & our Lord took her.

Her husband past about 6 months later leaving their only daughter,Jennifer behind.  I have not been able to find Jennifer.  Last know n location was Washington.   I would really like to know how her life has unfolded. 




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