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07/30/21 07:33 AM #1467    


Greg Cook

We've been fortunate to experience a lot of great music in our lifetime. Here's some of that music updated as the performers grow older too.


08/04/21 07:22 AM #1468    


Greg Cook

When I was a child, I thought “Nap Time” was a punishment. Now, as a grownup, it feels like a small holiday.

09/04/21 07:19 AM #1469    


Greg Cook

For all of you who fondly remember the music of our youth, one of the most iconic songs of our era was "American Pie" by Don Mclean. 

It's full of symbols of the world we lived in. This video is a collage of the stories behind the song.


09/04/21 01:44 PM #1470    


Jerry Labuda

Very interesting Greg, great story.

09/04/21 05:14 PM #1471    


Richard Maurer

Great post Greg.  As you suggest, McLean's "American Pie" was iconic, perhaps an anthem of the day.  And the video has a lot of very interesting interpretations of his lyrics that provided me with new insights. The Stones, JFK, Dylan.  Of course, lyrics are open to interpretation by anyone and it is possible that someone else has a quite different interpretation.  It is also interesting that even without diving deeply into the lyrics, "American Pie" has a strong connection to the time and achieved great recognition by many.  Lots of ways and levels to connect to music.

Also a belated comment about your earlier posting of the Tim Hawkins video.  Hawkins does a great job of recreating a number of iconic guitar riffs that most of us immediately recognize.  It is really fun the way that he wraps them with humor.  good stuff.

09/10/21 05:29 AM #1472    


Mitch Wise

Thanks Greg,  I knew the song was about Buddy Holly's death, but no idea about all the rest of the different referrals to the 60's.  Really nice piece   Thanks,


09/11/21 08:42 AM #1473    


Greg Cook

I couldn't watch this without being profoundly moved. 


09/11/21 11:59 PM #1474    


Mitch Wise

Thanks Greg, like many of us I was glued to the TV for hours not believing what I was seeing.  I worked in NYC for many years and I was extremely disturbed watching this story progress.  So again thank you, one of the best  remembrances I have seen   We must always know there are people in the world that hate America and stay prepared to defend ourselves.     LEST WE FORGET





09/12/21 10:30 AM #1475    


Bob Lanphar

One of those moments in time we will remember everything. 


09/12/21 10:37 AM #1476    


Greg Cook

I heard someone say this is our generation's "Pearl Harbor". Like Pearl Harbor our lives were changed in ways we could never have imagined.

09/13/21 07:50 AM #1477    


Greg Cook

We are still battling the COVID-19 and the next thing is here already. Virologists have identified a new Nile virus - type C. It appears to target those who were born between 1930 & 1970.
The symptoms include:
1. To send the same message twice.
2. To send a blank message.
3. To send a message to the wrong person.
4. To send it back to the person who sent it to you.
5. To forget to attach the attachment.
6. To hit SEND before you've finished.
7. To hit DELETE instead of SEND.
8. To SEND when you should DELETE.
It is called the C-NILE virus! And if you cannot admit to doing the above, you have obviously caught the mutated strain: the D-NILE virus.

09/13/21 02:34 PM #1478    


Linda Wonn (Carpenter)

Thank you for always making us smile!!!!

09/13/21 07:31 PM #1479    


Richard Maurer

Thanks for the posts Greg.  A touching 9/11 remembrance.  So many of those images are burned into our memory.  Then your latest post helps us laugh a bit at our geezer situation.  Keep up the good work.

09/14/21 04:02 AM #1480    


Mitch Wise

Great Post Greg,   keep em coming

09/14/21 07:15 AM #1481    


Michael Elliott

Great, touching post Greg and wonderful insights, Richard.

09/14/21 10:41 AM #1482    


Bob Lanphar

Greg I already attempted to send it out but forgot the attachment. I got the virus. 

09/15/21 08:33 AM #1483    

Tom Gray

I am posting this for my husband and Rebel(more ways than one) Tom Gray. While traveling through Great Falls I had to admit Tom to the hospital. He passed away on Friday the 10th. Cancer is a ugly painful thing.
He always wanted to come for breakfast but living out Palms Springs we would have had to get up way to early for that. I think he was still hoping that someone named Mike would show up. He was a proud Savanah Rebel.

09/16/21 11:02 AM #1484    


Kathleen Daulton (Dacey)

Hello Mrs. Gray,

I am so sorry to hear about your husband Tom.  He was way too young.  Cancer is an ugly beast for sure. I am thinking about you and your family with my deepest sympathy. Kathleen Daulton Dacey

09/20/21 08:53 AM #1485    


Greg Cook

Here's an inspirational message from 1969. 


09/20/21 05:08 PM #1486    


Richard Maurer

What a great story and wonderful message.  I hope there are stories happening out there right now that in 50 years could make a similar "postcard from 2021".  I suppose part of what makes the story so interesting and moving is that it is unusual for a penniless, stranger to be treated as well as described in the story.  That said, the story reminds us that there are opportunities to make some new stories of generosity and goodwill come true.

09/21/21 03:45 AM #1487    


Doug Peebles

Yes, very encouraging. Thank you.

09/21/21 08:48 AM #1488    


Gordon Reed

One place we can all help this kind of story happen is the legacy fund. The class of '65 legacy fund goes to help students who otherwise could not afford to participate in school activities.

09/21/21 03:47 PM #1489    


Greg Cook

One of the things that resonated for me was even with our divisions we were able to celebrate four civilians being launched into space and returned safely. Not quite a moon landing but definitely inspiring.

What amazed me about the process was they launched in Florida but the booster rocket touched down on a platform off the coast of California. The power of technology never ceases to amaze.

09/22/21 04:42 AM #1490    


Mitch Wise

tGreat film on 1969.  I pray we still have this in us as humans.  Thanks Greg.  As to the Space X civilian flight still in awe of all the technology   



09/22/21 04:42 AM #1491    


Mitch Wise

tGreat film on 1969.  I pray we still have this in us as humans.  Thanks Greg.  As to the Space X civilian flight still in awe of all the technology   



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