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08/06/22 02:42 PM #1538    


Diane Reilly

I remember my Mother handing my Father his lunchbox as he went out the front door and reciting "cigarettes, matches, handkerchief, money".  Later on she added "pen, pencil".   Greg, I always enjoy your posts!  Keep them coming.  

08/07/22 01:14 PM #1539    


Greg Cook

Thanks Diane, I have good writers

08/07/22 01:22 PM #1540    


Greg Cook

They say that you're only as old as you feel. Of course, then something like this shows up. Time to check the will Alice! 

08/12/22 12:42 PM #1541    


Greg Cook


08/13/22 09:35 AM #1542    


Jerry Labuda

Sure is

08/13/22 12:00 PM #1543    


Pegi Spence (Sadler)

lol, so true Greg!


08/14/22 05:27 AM #1544    


Charles Harvey

Sounds like some of the guys I hang out with. 

08/16/22 05:34 PM #1545    


Greg Cook

I took my wife out to a very expensive meal in Scottsdale last night.
She kept insisting that she wanted to pay for the meal but I told her "don't be stupid we're halfway down the street, just keep on running

08/20/22 10:38 AM #1546    


Bob Clark


Your Poo joke sent a group of pre-teens,and my wife, into gales of laughter. Good one!

08/21/22 09:51 AM #1547    


Greg Cook

Thanks for sharing it Bob, I'm glad it brought laughter to your family. Thanks for the comment

08/21/22 09:57 AM #1548    


Greg Cook

As the generation that was in their 20s during the 70s and are now in their 70s in the 20s, I don't think these words could have completely different meanings over the course of 50 years.

"You have mail from the Harvard Joint Center" laugh

08/25/22 09:40 AM #1549    


Greg Cook

We wouldn't be doing our ages justice if we didn't complain about how younger generations are dealing with the same problems we did way back when.

Wait for the phone to ring for the voice mail. This is the wished-for answering-machine message for Pacific Palisades, CA high school, and also attributed to the Maroochydore High School in Queensland, Australia. Snopes said it is neither, but it would be good if someone had the guts…



08/30/22 07:49 PM #1550    


Richard Maurer

I and my wife, Bobbi, have been working on acoustic guitar fingerstyle duets of pop songs from back in the day. We recently recorded video of our duet of "My Girl". The song was written by Smoky Robinson and recorded by the The Temptations in 1964. It has a simple, but highly memorable bass riff that is used as the intro.  (I have also posted this to my profile page)

08/31/22 06:46 AM #1551    

Ellen Doty

I love this! Beautifully done, you two!

08/31/22 08:05 AM #1552    


Greg Cook

Richard that was amazing! Are you working on the dance moves too? The Temps were one of my favorite groups. Just being so cool!

Do not regret growing old for it means that you have lived a long life which is a privilege denied to many.

08/31/22 08:51 AM #1553    


Debby Lahr

Richard, so beautiful and peaceful. Love it!

08/31/22 10:38 AM #1554    


Jerry Labuda

Very nice Richard, very nice.

08/31/22 01:04 PM #1555    


Bob MacKinnon

Thanks for sharing this Richard.  One of my favorites.

08/31/22 08:13 PM #1556    


Richard Maurer

Thanks for the positive comments about the music.  Bobbi and I appreciate your encouraging words.

Greg, my dance moves would definitely not be a positive addition to the music.  Ah, but The Temptations, like most of the motown groups, were not just great singers, but they had all of the moves and were as smooth as could be.


09/01/22 09:37 AM #1557    


Bob Clark

Lovely! Thank you for sharing your gifts. 

09/02/22 06:58 AM #1558    


Charlie Groh

Love that you guys are *playing*...and so well!  I play tuba the Orange County Concert Band and have a blast both rehearsing and playing gigs...good for der brain (what's left of it, lol)!

09/02/22 08:10 AM #1559    


Linda Marks (Bird)

Loved your duet!!

09/02/22 01:18 PM #1560    


Pegi Spence (Sadler)

That was wonderful Richard!  Thank you for sharing.

09/04/22 04:57 AM #1561    


Charles Harvey

Thank you Richard it was great. My wife and I really enjoyed it.

10/01/22 08:26 AM #1562    


Greg Cook

I always thought that quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be.

Because if you watch cartoons, quicksand is like the third biggest thing you have to worry about in adult life, behind real sticks of dynamite and giant anvils falling on you from the sky.

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