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01/23/24 11:41 AM #1693    


Greg Cook

Maui has been one of our favorite vacation spots and we have visited Lahaina Town many times. The most memorable was witnessing the "Mardi Gras of the Pacific" one Halloween.

This video is a drone's eye view of Lahaina after last year's fire. As Californians (past and present) we have experienced the devastation that wildfires can inflict.

Cleanup is underway and the Army Corp of Engineers it will remove 400,000 tons of debris when finished.

I hope I'm around long enough to return and experience the Aloha spirit of Lahaina again.




01/27/24 09:41 AM #1694    


Greg Cook

What happens when you mix Bob Seger, Heidi Klum and ALF (Yes, ALF)? A Rock n Roll classic of course

02/05/24 09:02 AM #1695    


Greg Cook

02/06/24 11:43 AM #1696    


Bob Lanphar

We as well have enjoyed vacations in Hawaii. Our place of interest in Maui was always the up-country where my brother had a house; the wind driven kite boards on the surf; and golfing at Pukalani, in Hawaiian means “hole in the sky”, golf course. Our favorite place to visit in Hawaii is still Molokai. We stayed in a wonderful resort on one side of the island and attended daily mass on the other side. The people were so welcoming and inviting. I met several persons on the backroads finding unique island stories that they were more than willing to share. Our visits to the father Damian’s Leper Colony have always been a real eye awakening experience. Still looking forward to going there again. 

02/07/24 08:53 AM #1697    


Greg Cook

Bob, thanks for sharing. We will try to get over to Molokai on our next visit to Maui. Does your brother have vacancies? (kidding!)

02/17/24 03:16 PM #1698    


Richard Maurer

Here is another Pacific Northwest travel video.  This video is from my visit to Cape Kiwanda on the northern Oregon coast.  Cape Kiwanda is different than most Oregon capes as it is make of sandstone, not volcanic rock. I hope you enjoy a virtual visit to Cape Kiwanda.


02/19/24 09:20 AM #1699    


Greg Cook

Richard, great job!

Some education, some entertainment, even some exercise and surfing too.

Feels like a home run to me!

02/19/24 02:46 PM #1700    


Richard Maurer

Greg, thanks for watching and the nice comments.  So are you up for surf kayaking?  As far as I can tell,,there are two radically different kinds of surf kayaks.  One kind is really short, like the one in the video and should be really easy to turn and change directions.  The other kind is really long, like 17 feet or longer, very narrow and would be relatively easy to paddle very fast.  But being narrow it would be unstable and easy to tip.  Either is probably quite difficult to learn.  But it's never to late?  Hmm, maybe for the "mature" adventurer surf kayaking is better as a spectator sport.

02/20/24 11:35 AM #1701    


Joan Elliott (Euans)

Enjoyed? Yes, tremendously! It made for a very beautiful, calming almost longing sense to be near the Pacific Ocean again. I do have a couple comments; you know how analytical I am. First of all, I think we took two different time machines, because you have so much more vim and vigor, than I seem to have with all that climbing of sandunes and talk of paddleboard surfing and the thing I really noticed is: please tell me you dub your narration over your video at a later time because I don't hear any huffing and puffing on your walk up those steep hills. And secondly, for such a big operation as you have and all the equipment, you're like a movie director clearing the space and commandeering all the resources and you seem to have a perfect day or days and no one else around when you do your filming. How do you do that? Anyway, I'm just teasing you, but it is a something to behold and a beautiful day job. You do an outstanding job of it! Keep it up; I know I'm not the only one that sits and enjoys it.

02/20/24 12:47 PM #1702    


Richard Maurer

Joan, I am smiling about the time machine.  Climbing sand dunes is no big deal compared to you keeping up with all of those grandchildren.  I am sure that involves way more activity.  For my Youtube videos, all of my narrations have been voice overs.  It is too challenging for me to walk and think about what I want to say.  I often capture some ambient sounds while I am hiking and I certainly can often hear me puffing away.  But I do tend to turn down the audio level on those parts.  Thanks for the comments.  It certainly is enjoyable to share video of my travels when there is such nice positive feedback.

02/21/24 07:48 AM #1703    


Greg Cook

Richard I agree surf kayaking is way beyond my physical prowess at this stage of life. I think the water along the Oregon Coast is likely to be a lot colder than the beaches in sunny SoCal.

I agree with Joan, the technical aspect of your videos is amazing. I can barely walk and chew gum without huffing and puffing.

Looking forward to the next one!

02/21/24 01:29 PM #1704    


Charlie Groh

Inspirational, Rich!

02/22/24 02:33 PM #1705    


Greg Cook

If anyone was inspired by Richard's video here's a drone's eye view of the other things to do in Pacific City

02/23/24 09:36 AM #1706    


Jerry Labuda

Once again, great job Richard. Your videos are very imformative. Thanks for sharing. Way to back it up Greg very nice.

02/23/24 12:04 PM #1707    


Pegi Spence (Sadler)

Richard!  I agree with everyone.  Your video was outstanding and a great job showing what that part of the coast is like.  I had no idea sand dunes could get that large.  I always feel like I was part of the trip it's so well put together.  I love, love love the beach.  Thank you for sharing Richard!

03/06/24 11:26 AM #1708    


Jerry Labuda

Attention all you golfers or duffers. Fr. Maximilian Kolbe Charities, the charity I work with is once again sponsoring their 12th annual golf tournament on April 15, 2024 to raise funds for other local charities such as CHOC hospital, Boys and Girls clubs, Mercy House, and Fisher House,and many more. Kolbe Charities has also donated to our Savanna “Legacy Funds”. Kolbe Charities will donate $50 to the Legacy Fund for each golfer from Savanna High School that golfs in this tournament up to $1000. This will be a great way to have some fun golfing and also support Kolbe Charities and our Legacy Fund at the same time. It will be a fun and entertaining day with coffee and pastries in the morning, lunch, on the course beverages, contests, dinner, and raffles. If you are interested see the attached flyer or email me at NANCYJERRYL@YAHOO.COM or call or text me at 714-458-5382. Come join the fun.

03/19/24 09:15 AM #1709    


Greg Cook

Some of the most famous people have shared their thoughts on getting older. Most of those thoughts are not only poignant they're funny! ENJOY!

03/19/24 06:14 PM #1710    


Linda Marks (Bird)

Very funny!Thank you Greg!

03/20/24 12:38 PM #1711    


Jerry Labuda

Very good Greg, thanks for sharing.

03/29/24 09:28 AM #1712    


Greg Cook

03/31/24 04:27 AM #1713    


Richard Maurer

Very good Greg.  Not sure if I want to laugh or cry.

03/31/24 04:31 AM #1714    


Richard Maurer

Another travel video, this one from the high desert of central Oregon.  The lovely Deschutes River Canyon near the town of Maupin, OR.

04/01/24 10:03 AM #1715    


Greg Cook

Richard, congratulations on another fine glimpse of your home (Oregon). A special shout-out to the film editor/drone pilot and the rest of your supporting cast.

As for your laugh or cry dilemma,frown I'm sure there's an emoji for that.

04/01/24 12:24 PM #1716    


Greg Cook

Richard, I was browsing YouTube and came across a video you did about the John Day River. I saw that you have 395 subscribers (now 396).

It would be a great idea if you included a link to your YouTube Channel when you post on the Savanna 65 Cozy Corner Chat.

Everyone wins you get more viewers and your classmates get to see more of your amazing work!

04/01/24 12:51 PM #1717    


Jerry Labuda

Another great job Richard. Thanks

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