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Welcome to the Official Website for

Savanna High School Class of 1965
  Please review the announcements below then have fun browsing the site and connecting with old friends.


Our classmate, Kitty O'Neil, was memoralized at the 90th Acadamy Awards Ceremony.

Silent Victory the Kitty O'Neil Story is available to view on YouTube as well as other videos about her amazing life.

Happy Chinese New Year to all the Class of '65 Boars!

For all of you born in 1947, this is your year.  Don't take it as an insult to be a boar, because we have many good qualities.

A Boar is pure of heart, Boar people are generous and kind.  A friend who is always willing to listen, they are sincere and trustworthy confidants.  They remain forever loyal to family and friends but lack forgiveness for anyone caught in deceit.


A true believer in hard work, they are dedicated to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.  Full of inner strenght and courage, thay can take on any task.


Filled with a love for luxury, they are never frugal when it comes to entertaining.  They are reembered for their sense of style and extravagant spending.  Boars are driven by their passion and pleasure for life.


The Year of the Boar will be one of wealth and properity.  You will experience a sense of contentment and well-being.


Conpatible with the Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Ram, Monkey & Rooster

The Class of ’65 Legacy Fund is alive and well! 


The latest recipient of the Class of ’65’s  Legacy Fund now has “happy feet”. Thanks to your generosity, the Savanna Senior is now sporting a new pair of very much needed cross country shoes.  He is a highly active senior who has participated in band and cross country for four years now.

Our Legacy fund provides necessary funds and gear that allows current students the ability to participate in extracurricular activities.  Any amount that you are able to donate is much appreciated and can make a positive impact in a students life.

Lisa Cruz the Senior Administrative Assistant at Savanna High School  is once again able to receive donations directly.

Checks to be made out to:

“Savanna High School" with "Legacy Fund" on the memo line and mailed to: Savanna High School, 301 Gilbert St., Anaheim, CA 9280











Put your bifocals on and look for yourself!


We want to recognize and thank the many class members who have generously donated to support your 50 Year Reunion Events and the Class of 1965 Legacy Gift.
Click Here if you wish to donate.

Platinum Sponsors
Nancy Andersen (Madeira)
Doug Bell 
Steve Braden
Bob MacKinnon
Karen Riegle (Taillon)

Gold Sponsors
Bobbie Bechtold (Ryan)

Craig Casebeer
Kathleen Daulton (Dacey)
Lloyd Gladden
Barbara Larson (Cummings)

Silver Sponsors
Jonel Brown (Lancaster)
Charles Harvey
Mike Leahy
Richard Maurer
Diane Reilly
Mike Sheldrake
Linda Wonn (Carpenter)

Anita Dunn (Wilson)

Bronze Sponsors
Lynn Barmore (Ingram)
Barbara Bennett (White)

Stan Edmonds
Jack Fiskin
Jim Flanary

Wayne Hall
Judy Larson (Miller)
Suzanne Mau
Gordon Reed
Rusty Rolish

Barbara Spiker
Jolly Stephens

John Young
Mitch Wise

Other Donors
Burke Burr
Bob Clark

Mike Morales
Jerri Ross
Pegi Spence (Sadler)
Sue Vandeveer (Haber)
Connie Vansteenwyck (Ezell)