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03/28/18 03:14 PM #996    


Linda Wonn (Carpenter)

All good choices. How about Sunset Boulevard and Touch of Evil?

04/02/18 03:02 AM #997    


Mitch Wise

Great list of films,  on the B list I would add the Sherlock Holmes series with Basil Rathbone.


04/12/18 07:53 AM #998    


Michael Elliott

Great idea for another list, Mitch.  Best "B" movies.

04/13/18 04:37 AM #999    


Mitch Wise

In addition, all the Charlie Chan series of mysteries.


04/13/18 09:06 AM #1000    


Jack Fiskin

Along the line of B movies I think Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns should be included.

04/16/18 10:30 AM #1001    


Greg Cook

This is shaping up like a really lousy Monday

04/23/18 06:59 AM #1002    


Jerry Labuda

Hello everyone, Just a reminder that It's breakfast time tomorrow morning, Tuesday April 24th, at Keno's      2661 W. LaPalma Ave, near Magnolia St. in Anaheim at 9:30 AM. Come on down have a good breakfast and visit with some of your old friends.    

05/12/18 08:09 AM #1003    


Greg Cook

A father buys a lie detector robot that slaps people when they lie.
He decides to test it out at dinner one night. The father asks his son what he did that afternoon.
The son says, "I did some schoolwork."
The robot slaps the son.
The son says, "Ok, Ok. I was at a friend's house watching movies."
Dad asks, "What movie did you watch?"
Son says, "Toy Story."
The robot slaps the son.
Son says, "Ok, Ok, we were watching Stormy Daniels movies."
Dad says," What? At your age I didn't even know what dirty movies were."
The robot slaps the father.
Mom laughs and says, "Well, he certainly is your son."
The robot slaps the mother.
Robot for sale.

05/21/18 01:52 PM #1004    


Greg Cook

With all the rock legends having farewell tours this year, here's an homage (of sorts)

05/21/18 04:25 PM #1005    


Michael Elliott

Was talking to Steve Conley over the weekend and he reminded me it's probably time for another Mike's Ten Best list so here goes:

Mike’s 10 all time favorite Broadway Shows:

  • My Fair Lady
  • Guys and Dolls
  • South Pacific
  • Camelot
  • The King and I
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Les Miserables
  • 42ndStreet
  • Jersey Boys
  • Oliver!

05/22/18 09:21 AM #1006    


Bobbie Bechtold (Ryan)

You listed all of mine, except West Side Story. 

05/22/18 09:57 AM #1007    


Jerry Labuda

Great post Greg.

05/22/18 10:58 AM #1008    


Greg Cook

Wicked and Book of Mormon

05/23/18 06:41 AM #1009    


Mitch Wise

Great list Mike, and the additions are all super, would add Cats to this list.  

05/23/18 06:42 AM #1010    


Mitch Wise

Forgot Mama Mia for just a great fun time, plus the folks that dress up in the audience makes it really fun.

05/23/18 08:38 AM #1011    


Jack Fiskin

I would like to add Man of La Mancha and Oklahoma to this great list.

05/23/18 08:48 AM #1012    


Charlie Groh

Phantom of the Opera and Les Mizzzzzzzzzerables, Pippen was a great one, too...

05/23/18 11:15 AM #1013    


Bob Clark

Hamilton and Wicked are my new favorites

05/23/18 12:27 PM #1014    


Linda Marks (Bird)

Phantom of the Opera and Wicked are my favorites!!

05/24/18 08:09 AM #1015    


Charlie Groh

...haha...I saw Wicked three times!  Excellent!

05/24/18 08:43 AM #1016    


Doug Bell

I saw Les Miserables in the old Geary Theater in San Francisco.  The seat rows were so close together that I kept hitting the woman in front of me with my knees.  I'm sure she was by far the most miserable person there.

05/24/18 09:05 AM #1017    


Joan Elliott (Euans)

I liked Jersey Boys in Las Vegas and Wicked in Cleveland. I'll put in a thumbs up for SpongeBob SquarePants, the Musical. My grandsons, Korgan and Hudson, loved it in New York City.

05/25/18 09:49 AM #1018    


Karen Riegle (Taillon)

"Something Rotten!"  MIke, you and Debbie would LOVE it.  Pulls every other favorite musical experience together and with the Bard as a central character.  On tour in 2019 but nothing in Arizona - sorry.

05/26/18 08:20 AM #1019    


Michael Elliott

Yes Karen.  No question this aging Hamlet nerd needs to see Something Rotten.

05/27/18 08:54 AM #1020    


Kathleen Daulton (Dacey)

All of your choices were good ones.  A Chorus Line was one of my favorites along with Wicked.

Hamilton is currently playing at the Segerstrom Center.  I am hoping to get a Rush ticket before it leaves town. Off to Maui tomorrow.  Aloha!




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