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03/19/19 08:01 AM #1158    


Michael Elliott


03/19/19 08:19 AM #1159    


Doug Bell

Wasn't that your nickname at Savanna?

03/20/19 10:20 AM #1160    


Gordon Reed

I'm afraid my music prefernces in that era were very different. Country Joe wrote this in 1965 but this is his Woodstock performance of the Fixin to Die Rag in 1969

There is also the Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire in 1965



03/24/19 05:23 PM #1161    


Jerry Labuda

Once again it's time for our monthly breakfasts at Keno's restaurant at 2661 LaPalma on Tuesday March 26th at 9:30 AM. Come on down and see your old classmates, the food is good too.

03/31/19 04:41 PM #1162    


Kathleen Daulton (Dacey)

Hello Classmates.  I know some of you will be in town to play in Jerry Labuda's charity golf event on April 8th.  If anyone (not just golfers or duffers) is interested in a get together to "piggy back" on this event then please join us on Tuesday, April 9 at 11:30 at The Olive Garden in Irvine, 3755 Alton Parkway.  I hope to see many of you there! 

04/09/19 08:34 AM #1163    


Greg Cook

"Greg, why don't you play golf with Doug anymore?" asked a friend.
"Would you play golf with a guy who moved the ball with his foot when you weren't watching?" Greg asked.
"Well, no," admitted the friend.
"Neither will Doug," replied Greg.

Great time playing golf with Doug Bell and Jerry Labuda at the Father Kolbe Charity Tournament. We didn't win but spent a few hours swearing at our golf games and reminiscing.

Next year's tournament is scheduled for April 20, let's have a real Rebel presence.


04/10/19 03:08 PM #1164    


Jerry Labuda

Had a great time too. Thanks to you and Doug for golfing with me and supporting a great cause. Kolbe charities will be sending the "Class of 1965 Legacy Fund" a check for $200 for our efforts. It would be great to have more of our classmates golf with us next year. Thanks again.

04/10/19 06:24 PM #1165    


Jerry Labuda

Here is a photo from the luncheon at Olive Garden hosted by Kathleen Daulton on April 9th. Had a great time. Thanks for planning the event Kathleen.  More to come?

Top row from left to right: Jerry Labuda, Bob McKinnon, Dave Mathias, Karen Riegle, Doug Bell, Barbara Larsen, Keith Bird, Jonel Brown. Middle: Bonnie Berko. Bottom row from left to right: Kathleen Daulton, Judy Vann Hise, and Linda Wonn. Mike Sheldrake was there but left before the photo was taken.

04/11/19 09:55 AM #1166    


Linda Marks (Bird)

So sorry I couldn't make this luncheon. Looks like fun!

04/12/19 08:14 AM #1167    


Michael Elliott

Really great picture you guys.  Just need to touch up the tall guy in the back row with the glasses.


04/13/19 09:47 AM #1168    


Greg Cook

Mike, the tall guy in the back row with glasses wants to know if you ever found the seventy-eight cents?

04/13/19 10:39 AM #1169    


Jerry Labuda

Good one Greg

04/13/19 11:00 AM #1170    


Michael Elliott

Yeah, the 6 months I spent incarcerated over that really sucked!

04/15/19 08:47 AM #1171    


Greg Cook

For misdemeanor money laundering? Sheriff Joe must have been really pissed at you!

04/20/19 12:32 AM #1172    


Mitch Wise

Not a response, but hard to believe we have been in Bordeaux for 5 years and 8 months.  Just got our 10 year long term visa.  Yea.   No more annual gathering of docs and standing in line at the prefecture to turn in the folder, then returning again weeks later to pick up the annual ID card.  No idea what happens after this, but I guess I will find out in a few years.  Really do not want to go for French citizenship unless I can keep my U.S. status.   So unless I do somehtning really crazy, they cant kick me out for 10 years.


04/20/19 05:12 PM #1173    


Michael Elliott

That's great Mitch.  Congrats.  What a life you are living!

04/21/19 06:24 AM #1174    


Mitch Wise

Thanks Mike,  It has been an adventure.  Looking forward to the next 10 years of travel around Europe.  Doug Hastings the track coach and Amer. Government class teacher will be in town next Sunday, so looking forward to a nice lunch with he and his wife.  Will post a photo if I remember to take one




04/21/19 11:18 AM #1175    


Clyde Hodges

I talked to Doug a month ago. He and his wife recently turned 80.

04/21/19 05:00 PM #1176    


Richard Maurer

Mitch, thanks for sharing the transition to the next part of your European adventure.  I look forward to reading more about your travels and experiences.

04/22/19 05:35 AM #1177    


Mitch Wise

One of the issues we had when I was worked, was the amount of travel it required.  When in NYC and VP Sales, some years I was out nearly 190 nights a year.  Back in CA, Golf sales, seems with all the events, normal sales calls, Trunk Shows, etc. I was always going somewhere, so when a time for a break came, we did not take any long vacations for a number of years.  I needed to catch up on rest.  So bottom line, being retired, already across the pond, we have found the time, etc to be able to really enjoy living here.  So far this year just the one trip to Toulouse and Albi, but we will be in London, then Budapest to Amsterdam with the Vicking River Cruise, then in CA for nealy two weeks.  Fall is still in the planning stages but most likey more spots in France we have not seen, plus it looks like a double bonus for us with our Son's famiy.  They are coming for Christmas so we will meet them in Paris then Bordeaux ++??

Next year parts of Spain we have not seen, another trip to Italy, plus trips around France.  Did not know if I mentioned I have several cousins here in different parts of France and we enjoy visiting them as well.

Year after, Austria, Ireland/Scotland.

04/22/19 05:40 AM #1178    


Mitch Wise

Something completely away from SHS.  A few years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting a really nice lady here in Bordeaux.  She had just run the Paris Marathon while visiting her daughter.  Her name is Julie Weiss and she lives in the LA area.  Why am I mentinoning this, well It seems she did a huge athletic acheivement in 2012/2013.  She ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer.  She lost her dad to this disease.  Since then she continues to run to raise funds to fight this disease.  Recently published a book.

52 Weeks, 52 Marathons The Miles and Trails of a Marathon Goddess,  Julie Weiss   It is an ispirational read if you ever feel you are having a tough time.  Amazon  

04/22/19 08:52 AM #1179    


Greg Cook

Mitch, retiring to an area famous for its wines that's a wonderful idea. You've inspired me! I've narrowed my search down to two areas: Boone's Farm and Annie Green Springs. Not sure yet if I'll need a passport.

04/22/19 08:46 PM #1180    


Doug Bell

Hey guys,

I stopped off in Bakersfield on my way to Irvine last week and had dinner with Paul Sackewitz.  He's email and computer challenged, so isn't ever on the website.

He's healthy, happy and as nutty as ever, and wanted me to say hello to everyone. So "Hello Everyone".

If you're in or near Bakersfield, drop in and see him.  If you want contact info (phone), email me through the message function here on the site.


04/22/19 10:23 PM #1181    


Mitch Wise

Greg,  go with the Annie Green Springs,  not shots required.

04/22/19 10:24 PM #1182    


Mitch Wise

Thanks for the update Doug,   Glad he is doing well.  Really liked the custome Rebel Footjoy Golf Shoes he had  at the reunion. 

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