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10/02/18 07:35 AM #1089    


Mitch Wise

Just make sure to keep a vintge Tommy Bahama or other Hawian Shirt


10/03/18 09:32 AM #1090    


Greg Cook

Fortunately I have a closet full already. I just hope I have the mental faculties to remember to wear pants.

10/04/18 03:55 PM #1091    


Jerry Labuda

Ok Greg make sure you wear your pants tomorrow evening. See you at El Torito. If any one is readng this and is interested, tomorrow Friday October 5th, Savanna is having their annual gathering at El Torito in Yorba Linda at 22699 Oakcrest Circle all evening long. Come join the fun.

10/05/18 09:00 AM #1092    


Greg Cook

OK Jerry if you insist, pants it is.

10/09/18 09:58 AM #1093    


Greg Cook

At 70, you are still a child.

At 80, a young man or woman.

If at 90, someone from Heaven invites you over, tell him,

“Just go away, and come back when I am 100.”

~ Saying carved into a rock facing the sea near the village of Kijioka, in Okinawa, Japan (featured in Superhuman: Life at the Extremes of Our Capacity)

10/28/18 09:16 AM #1094    


Jerry Labuda

Hello everyone, just a reminder that our monthly breakfast is this Tuesday, October 30th at 9:30 AM at Keno's restaurant at 2661 LaPalma, Anaheim. Hope to see you there. Happy Halloween.

11/02/18 08:00 AM #1095    


Michael Elliott

A big congrats to Lloyd Gladden and all our Boston area classmates for the big Red Sox win in the World Series.  Deserving champs!  yes

11/03/18 09:15 AM #1096    


Lloyd Gladden

Thanks it was a great World Series.

11/03/18 11:10 AM #1097    


Bob Clark

Thanks, Mike. Always a good sport. I agree with Lloyd,  it was a great series.  But the ALCS was tougher.  I’ve been a Sox fan for more than 35 years now, so this winning tradition is still an adjustment.  Of course, if Koufax were pitching, I’d be my old Dodger blue self.






11/03/18 11:13 AM #1098    


Clyde Hodges


11/04/18 06:22 AM #1099    


Michael Elliott

Very impressive Clyde.  Sounds like both defenses took the night off! Who were the teams?

11/04/18 07:47 AM #1100    


Jerry Labuda

Yes Clyde, I saw that score and couldn't believe my eyes.Go Rebels!

11/05/18 06:06 AM #1101    


Mitch Wise

Have to agree with Mike, they must have not played the defensive teams.   If Savanna, then this must be one of the first times they have played in CIF playoffs in years.  Stopped following them.  Which league are they associated with, and what are the schools?

11/09/18 04:04 AM #1102    


Mitch Wise

Googled the school.  they had a great season, but the score of this first CIF game sounded like a basketball score.   Best of luck to the team.


11/10/18 07:07 AM #1103    


Clyde Hodges

They lost last night to Adalento 60-26. The halftime score was 32-20.

11/10/18 10:05 AM #1104    


Gordon Reed

Without a good defense you won't go far in any playoff situation. You will always be up against teams that do have a well rounded team.

11/21/18 05:40 PM #1105    


Jerry Labuda

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Rebs. Have a great day.

11/24/18 08:50 AM #1106    


Greg Cook

Have you ever been guilty of looking at others your own age and thinking, "Surely I can't look that old!"'ll love this one.
My name is Alice, and I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment with a new dentist. I noticed his DDS Diploma on the wall, which bore his full name.
Suddenly I remembered a tall, handsome, dark-haired boy with the same name had been in my school class some 40 years ago. Could he be the same guy that I had a secret crush on way back then?
Upon seeing him, I quickly discarded any such thought. This balding, gray-haired man, with the deeply lined face, was way too old to have been my classmate.
After he examined my teeth, I asked him if he had attended Monta Vista High School.
"Yes", he said. "I am a Matador!" He gleamed with pride.
"When did you graduate?" I asked.
He answered, "In 1973. Why do you ask?"
"You were in my class," I exclaimed.
He looked at me closely, then this ugly, old, bald, wrinkle faced, fat-assed, gray haired decrepit son of a b--ch asked me..........
"What did you teach?"

11/25/18 10:15 AM #1107    


Steve Braden

That is hillarious!  Before we moved to Arizona two years ago we drove by Monte Vista High School in Alamo, California every day to get to our house. Thanks for sharing this, Greg.  

11/25/18 05:48 PM #1108    


Jerry Labuda

Great one Greg. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Just a reminder that some of the classmates are getting together on Tuesday November 27th for breakfst at 9:30 AM at Keno's Restaurant at 2661 LaPalma in Anaheim. Come by and visit some of your old classmates.

11/26/18 08:35 AM #1109    


Debby Lahr

If that was my dentist, he'd be wearing false teeth. Nah, I'm not violent, but I would consider it.

11/26/18 09:58 AM #1110    


Richard Maurer

Greg that is great.  And as you suggest, most of us have been guilty of looking a someone and thinking "look at that ancient geezer" just before the realization hits that they may be about our age.

11/27/18 08:41 AM #1111    


Greg Cook

Thanks for the responses. The best way to feel good about your age is to look for people younger than yourself and realize how much better you look than them. (Just sayin!)

11/28/18 01:31 PM #1112    


Michael Elliott

Based on the photo of you and Payne Stewart, I can see why you'd say that.  Lookin' good!


12/07/18 04:32 PM #1113    


Jerry Labuda

Hey everyone, since the last Tuesday of December is Christmas day, we will not have our monthly breakfast at Kenos. Instead a few of us are meeting Tuesday December 11th at Linbrook bowl around 12 noon have some lunch and even bowl a game or two after lunch. Come on down and join us if you're in the area.

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